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 How to set an Internet & E-mail Access ?
Read this document based on an UKOnline example but replace with your own settings.
 How can I set At&T Prepaid Internet Services ?
Have a look at this article. There is a software available that you can download to your "primary computer" that will help you configure your Windows CE Device for AT&T WorldNet Service.
 How to access site like Hotmail, Handango, etc... ?
Most sites ignore the "Windows CE" platform ID, but by changing the registry, you can fix it so servers will think you are running the full desktop IE4.1
Edit these two registry keys by removing the "Windows CE" portion in the value. Leave the rest the same.

Key[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]

Edit the "User Agent" value.
and key

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\User Agent]

Edit the "Platform" value.

Read also here for Hotmail.
 Can I connect to AOL for Web Browsing ?
Yes, you can download AOL Mail at aol.com. Read carefully the instructions on how install it. Then once your are connected, use Pocket Internet Explorer.
 AOL does not find or recognize the modem?
Do not use the HP dial-up for the connection, but the "Remote Networking" under Communications. Then connect before running AOL.
 How to connect to Compuserve classic ?
You have to use the PPPConnect method. Set up the connection to use a terminal window. When you are connected, hit return till you get a "Host Name:" prompt. Enter CIS then hit return. The next prompt is "User ID:". Enter your Compuserve username like this: 70000,3040/go:pppconnect. When you get the password prompt, enter your password. Within a few seconds, the ppp connection is established and you can access mail, web, etc. Read also this article.
 Login script for EQUANT for Compuserve Classic users
Thanks Jake for submitting this script.

Since I live in Slovenia and have a Compuserve account (not CS 2000, but
Compuserve Classic), I needed to make a login script for EQUANT. EQUANT is the surcharge company that has access numbers around the world, and allows CIS users to get into their CIS accounts at 10 cents (U.S.) a minute. I only use EQUANT in an emergency, but the login script might be useful to someone else. This script works with Peter's Dialup Master, which is a great program. I owe a lot of thanks to Psion pro, Mike McConnell, who gave me a basic script to tinker with.

SEND=NUI 19730001<cr>
 How to make Compuserve classic working with the 720 ?
Read this document submitted by John Watson.
 How to browse internet from my machine when I connected it to my
 desktop ?
Read this article on Chris De Herrera's web site.
 How to get the Jscript errors in Pocket Internet Explorer?
Scripting Errors are Off by Default. Syntax errors in JScript, missing objects, or other causes of JScript errors are ignored on Pocket Internet Explorer. The script terminates without a message. Switch on the error messages by adding the following registry key:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]
 What is supported/unsupported in Internet Explorer for CE
Very short summary of what is supported/unsupported.

HTML 4.0
Microsoft JScript
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS1 compliant)
Dynamic HTML
ActiveX controls
Java Applets or Applications
International language support (Unicode characters)
Images (GIF, JPEG, BMP, and XBM)
Multimedia (using Microsoft DirectShow)

Data binding
Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript)
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Internet Code Download
Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
Microsoft Virtual Machine
Recreation Software Advisory Council on the Internet
(RSACi) rating system
Filters and transitions

Read also this document
 Instructions on how to set GPRS on the 720
Read this document based on "Optus yesinfo Internet" (thanks Saip) and "Swisscom" services.
 I get a "A connection with the server cannot be established" error
The problem of error: "Cannot Connect to Server" is a known issue (this happend only with some Internet Service Providers, so if you do not have problems with your ISP, do not copy these files, however, I think even if you do not have problems, the files won't create a problem if copied) - There is a fix

Simply install the file provided here on your Jornada. This install will copy into the "\Windows" folder the file CSPRAS.DLL which is a new file and the PPP.DLL which already exists on your system, but should be replaced. Then perform a soft reset. Thanks Bill for these files and your call to HP support.
Read also this document on how to set an Internet and email access.
 Internationalizing with Unicode
In case you want to be able to see other languages characters when surfing, then see the attached document, this is a copy of the site which is down now.
 How to access FTP from Pocket Internet Explorer ?
Read this article from Chris Tilley (HPC:Factor).
 How to save images from Pocket Internet Explorer ?
This is not possible using Pocket Internet Explorer. You need to use ftxBrowser.