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 The Meaning of "CE" in Windows CE
In the name "Windows CE," the letters "CE" are not an abbreviation for anything, but rather they imply a number of the precepts around which Windows CE is designed, including "Compact," Connectable," Compatible," "Companion," and "Efficient."
 Difference between terms "Handheld PCs", "Pocket PCs", "Windows CE" ?
Pocket PC and Handheld PC refer to specific types of mobile devices while Windows CE is the operating system that is at the heart of all Handheld PCs and Pocket PCs. It is important to note that Pocket PCs and Handheld PCs are information appliances that are more similar to a TV than a desktop PC - when a new version of Windows CE is available, it is not possible to just upgrade that portion of a Pocket PC or Handheld PC.

- A Pocket PC is a class of device that has a quarter VGA (320x240) screen and contains a consistent package of integrated applications, wireless and wired connectivity options, and Win32 APIs for developers.

- A Handheld PC is a class of devices that have half VGA (640x240) or full size (640x480 or 800x600) screens with or without an integrated keyboard and contains a consistent package of integrated applications, wireless and wired connectivity options, and Win32 APIs for developers.

- Windows CE is a compact, modular operating sy! stem that was designed from the ground up to support a broad range of client devices combining the flexibility and reliability of Windows with real-time processing support. Some examples of Windows CE-based devices that Microsoft is defining include the Handheld PC, Pocket PC, X-Box, WebTV, MSN Web Companion, eBook Reader, Windows-based Terminal, and Smart Phone. Anyone can use the Microsoft Platform Builder product to build a custom embedded device based on the Windows CE operating system. Hundreds of companies are doing this and have built devices ranging from livestock feeding machines and milk analyzers to point of sale terminals to manufacturing process and security controllers to bank check processing systems.
 How to perform a soft reset ?
A soft reset (also called "warm boot") is similar to restarting your desktop PC. It restarts the operating system and preserves any saved data. To ensure safety, please back up your data.
Perform a soft reset after restoring data from a backup file or when your HP Jornada appears to be frozen or locked up.
1. Disconnect the sync cable and/or the telephone line from your HP Jornada, or remove it from the docking cradle (optional on the HP Jornada 710).
2. Use the stylus to press the Reset button.
When you perform a soft reset you will lose unsaved data in all open documents or programs.
 How to perform a factory default reset ?
A factory default reset (also called "hard reset") restores your HP Jornada to its original state, erasing all information you have entered. To ensure safety, please back up your data.
Perform a factory default reset only when your HP Jornada does not respond to a soft reset. A factory default reset will erase all data you have entered, including all files, system settings, and programs you have installed. If you have forgotten your primary and reminder passwords, you will also need to perform a factory default reset. Performing a factory default reset erases all files, programs, and appointments you have entered. You can restore only data that has been backed up to your desktop PC or to a PC Card or CompactFlash Card.
1. Disconnect all cables, including the ac adapter from your HP Jornada.
2. Remove the backup battery.
3. Remove the main battery.
4. Wait at least 5 minutes, then reconnect the ac adapter, reinstall the main battery, and then reinstall the ! backup battery. Your HP Jornada should turn on automatically and display the MS Windows for H/PC 2000 Welcome Wizard.
5. Restore data to your HP Jornada from your most recent backup file.
 Can I use the Smartcard slot on the 720 ?
Here is the answer I receive from HP support:
Thank you for contacting HP's Customer Care e-mail support. I understand that you would like to obtain a compatible Smart card for your Jornada 720 unit. A Smart card slot on your Jornada unit is an added functionality. However, there are no Smart cards available for your Jornada 720 unit. At this time, the SmartCard driver has not yet been released. It is slated to be released soon but we do not have any definite information to offer on a release date. For information driver updates and software as well as support information, we invite you to keep an eye on the
HP Jornada 720 CPO Support Site.
 How can I simulate a right-click ?
On your Jornada, the right-click can be performed once you have highlighted the item, by using the "alt" button while clicking on it. Then a menu will be displayed.
 Can I upgrade my Jornada with a more recent OS (like Pocket 2002) ?
Unfortunately NO. The Jornada 720 is not upgradeable.
 Can my machine be infected by a virus ?
So far there have been no known viruses or trojans for Windows CE. But this does not mean they can't be created. However, if you want to protect you, it exist two scanners for Windows CE: McAfee VirusScan for Windows CE, PC-cillin for the Pocket PC or avast for PDA.
 I have a few cool fonts that I would use on my 720 ?
Simply run ActiveSync while your machine is connected, click on "explore", then open the "\windows\fonts" folder on your Jornada and the "c:\windows\fonts" on your pc and drag&drop the .TTF files you want, they will be converted in order to use them with your machine. The "Convert files when syncronized, copied or moved" must be activated (in ActiveSync, see "Options" --> tab "Rules" --> "Conversions settings" tab "General". Do not copy files with .FON extension, they are not usable on the Jornada, only TrueType.
 How do I create my own wallpaper ?
First you need a pictures/painting program. You can use the ones which are provided with Windows and that are located in the "Accessories" group under Start --> Programs (Imaging, Paint) or a freeware/shareware.
Secondly you need your original picture (a one you have scanned or grabbed from the web or a CD) or create a new one by yourself (I mean to paint it).
If you paint it, go to attribute image option to size it to 640x240 before painting, then create what you want and save it in .BMP format. You can also copy and paste a grabbed picture inside this rectangle.
With a picture program, you open the image (.JPG, .TIFF, or another picture format) and you use the image size function and change it to 640x240 (but the constrain proportion may not allow to have this exact size, it may be necessary to disable it, but this may result in a lost of quality). I suggest you instead to crop (cut) the picture to 640x240 and to save it in .BMP format.
Once done, copy i! t on your machine in the "\windows" folder with ActiveSync.
Then run the "control panel" and select "display" and in the "image" box select the one you have just copied.
If you prefer to have a small image with patterns for example, do the same (except for the size of the image, the size is not important in this case) and simply check the "tile image on background".
 I am not able to call the Taskbar with the stylus in Autohide mode
If you are not able to see at the bottom of your screen a little part of the taskbar enabling the display by taping on it (and you are forced to use the "winkey"), then try to calibrate the stylus.
 Car cigarette lighter and Jornada 720
From John: Any way what I want to tell you is that I made my J20 to work of my car cigarette lighter. It does not need any transformer to reduce or alter the 12v car battery current, as long as you make sure that the positive is the middle pin of the cig lighter and the positive is the middle connection of the Jornada plug, you can have the J20 work and charge while you driving.

From Larry: Just a word of warning about the information from John in your FAQ about using a car cigarette lighter directly to the J7xx. I do the same thing BUT it should be added that this is very dangerous IF the car is running. When the car is running the alternator can have a voltage of 14.9 volts, which the J7xx chargning system may not be able to handle without damage. ALSO when you start the engine or stop the engine voltage transients on the cigarette lighter line may affect the J7xx. So in summary, this cheap and nasty method of charging the J7xx in your car works fine as long as ! the engine is not running and as long as you do not start or stop the engine while the J7xx is plugged in.
 The battery drain very quickly
If you have an alarm for an appointment in Outlook, it will drain the battery. Also sometime it may crash the OS. It is better to select an other software for your alarms.
 Does an USB charging cable exist ?
No, the reason is simple, the USB port provides 5 V and max. 500mA. This is not enough to charge the Jornada.
 How to use a Siemens Pocket Reader on a Jornada 7xx machine ?
Read this document that I have prepared.
 My Jornada is turning itself on in the middle of the night
For some reason, your Jornada is turning itself on in the middle of the night. The next day I come in and the green light is flashing and it has drained most of the battery. Why is it doing this?

Check in the calendar > tools > options and make sure the "show daily agenda each day" box is NOT checked. If that is not it, then make sure you don't have any alarms set in the world clock application.
 The icons on my desktop have all disappeared ?
You have removed all the shortcuts on your desktop except the fixed ones (My Handheld and the Recycle Bin) and everything is fine until you perform a soft reset. Then your desktop is empty, no more icons.
In order to recover the fixed icons and without using any external software, you simply need to recreate a shortcut on your desktop and soft reset your machine.
To recreate a shortcut on the desktop, use the "Run" command from the "Start" menu, and in type "explorer" in the box (without the quotes) and select an application or a document; press CTRL+C and go back to your desktop. Press the "Alt" key while your tap on the empty desktop in order to make a menu appear and select the "Paste Shortcut" command. Soft Reset your machine and the fixed icons are there again.
But if you remove this new shortcut and you perform a soft reset, the problem will appears again, so you need to have at least one shortcut plus the two fixed icons to avoid the problem.
 When I enable password protection, I get an error "Unable to save entry!"
Here's how to fix it. Do a full back-up and then a hard reset. Fill in your users info and then do a full restore but don't reset the handheld at the end of the restore. Before you reset it go put in your password in the security screen. Then do the soft reset and it should be fine. Thanks David for this one.
 Does the Pretec CompactCamera works on HPC2000 ?
Here the answer I received from Pretec Support:
Dear Henri,
Unfortunately, the CompactCamera driver can only be installed on Pocket PCs, not HPCs. But see here for a solution from WinCeSoft.
 How to remove the autosuspend limitations ?
Here it is, but first a little information:

On the "ControlPanel", under "Power", the option is accessible, from 1 minute to 5 minutes but this is HARDCODED, this mean that after having performed the change below, this change will not be reflected in this box.

1) Use a registry editor (select one from my page here)

2) Run the registry editor and go to this key:

you will see two keys, the one that need to be changed is "BattPowerOff"

if it was set to 3 minutes, the displayed value of the key is 000000B4 (180)

1 minute (60) = 3C
2 minutes (120) = 78
3 minutes (180) = B4
4 minutes (240) = F0
5 minutes (300) = 12C

In order to remove the autosuspend, simply set the value to "0" and soft reset the machine.

If you want to defined a higher val! ue instead of removing completly the autosuspend with "0", simply use a calculator which allows hexa conversion (the default windows one do it), then for 10 minutes for example, type 600 (=10 minutes) in decimal mode and just press the radio button "hex" and the value is "258", then if you enter this value in the above key, your machine will be set to 10 minutes after you soft reset.

To go back to 3 minutes, simply use the ControlPanel as usual.

In the same way, the second key "ExtPowerOff" which is set by default to "0" can be changed (as descibed above) in order to autosuspend the device while using the power.

WARNING, playing with registry may be dangerous, so backup first and also be careful because now the batttery may drain more quickly if you forget to power off your device.
 Why the storage card name change in storage card 2 ?
This results in problems when applications are stored in cards because the machine cannot find them any longer (after a soft reset). This is an intended feature of Windows CE. What happens is that the handheld behaves differently if AC power is present or not. If you have AC power and soft reset the machine, the card in the PCMCIA slot will be "Storage Card" after the reset, and the one in the CF slot will be "Storage Card 2". Now, give it a whirl without the AC... What it does, battery-wise, is intelligent, because without AC present, the machine asks you if you want to run the PC card on battery power, thus recognizing it as "Storage Card 2" after the question has been affirmatively answered to. If you had chosen to say "no" when it asked you, the card in the PCMCIA slot is no longer recognized, and therefore, the one in the CF slot will logically be named "Storage Card". If you want to always have your storage cards labelled in the same way in their H/PC's, all that n! eeds to be remembered is to soft reset the machine either with AC power present or without it, as long as the decision is always the same.
 Assign your own name for removable disks instead of "Storage Card" name
Read this document posted by John and Clint in a forum.
 Where I can sell my Jornada 720 or 728 ?
In case you want to sell your Jornada 720 or 728, you can try this link. Maybe also to buy one, but without any guaranty.
 Can I remove the shortcut arrows on desktop icons ?
This is possible on a desktop cpmputer but not on your HPC.
 Screen problems - The screen is very bright and nearly unreadable
Read this document posted on Spiny's generic website.