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 How to add multiple recipients address in Pocket Outlook ?
You can type in the addresses separating them with a semi-colon (;)
You can also call up the address book/contacts list and select multiple names from the list. Hold down the control key while you select each name in the list.
 I get an "Mail attachements were not found" when I run my Inbox
 program ?
This message occurs if you have declared the folder for mail attachements on your Storage Card ("Options" --> "Storage" of the Inbox program) and you have accidentally deleted the folder. To solve this problem, download the Marc Zimmerman's fix.
 How to set an account for nPOP email program ?
I have prepared a little tutorial to help users setting up nPOP (very basic)
 Yahoo Messenger seems to connect successfully, but signs off quickly ?
Make sure not to use HP dial up or a proxy! Create a connection through remote networking and disable proxy which is a default of HP Dial up.
Since 2003, it seems that Yahoo has blocked the access on HPC devices. You have to try imov messenger in order to make it works. See below.
 How do I communicate between different messaging systems ?
You may try imov Messenger (freeware).
 How to read HTML email messages ?
You can use nPop. Then Open the nPop.ini and edit the lines:
Now you can open the message using "File -> External viewer" that will launch PIE.
See also here how to configure nPop. Thanks Jose Aguas for this.