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 How can I install an application ?
Once you have downloaded or copy from a CD (for example) the file you want to install, connect your machine to your PC, then activate ActiveSync. Now it's depend what kind of file it is:

Install.exe or Setup.exe
These files can't be installed directly from your machine, they must be runned from your PC. Simply double-click on it and follow the instructions. The most common time, a message will inform you to check your machine to complete the installation, simply select the destination folder on your machine, That's all.

.ZIP file
You must extract the files included in this archive in order to use them. You can use a software like WinZip. Depending on the files you have extracted, refer above or below in order to install it.

.CAB file
Copy the .CAB file (or download it from Internet) directly to your machine into a temporary folder, then simply click on it from your machine.

.EXE fileDouble-click on it from your PC, if the setup program starts, then refer above. If an error message is displayed informing you that this file is not compiled for your PC, then this is already a WindowsCE executable file which does not needs to be installed, simply copy it into the folder of your choice and run it.
 How to install a Java compiler on the J720 ?
Please see the PersonalJava page on the software page.
 I have installed an application, but when I run it, it does not work ?
The Jornada 720 (710) is a HPC machine running on an ARM processor with WindowsCe for HPC 2000. Depending how the program has been compiled and what language has been used, it may work with all machines, but the most common time you will find inside the setup, a lot of different .CAB files (one for each processor). PocketStreet, PocketChess have the term "Pocket" inside the title (name of the program), but this does not mean that they are only for Pocket PC processor, if the developer has compiled also for HPC with MIPS or SH3 or SH4 or ARM processor, they will works with all the machines. When using a Jornada 720, you should download a version for HPC 2000 (you can also try HPC Pro 2.11 StrongARM or Jornada 820 version), if it is not specified, you can always try if the downloaded program works, but don't be despit if it does not work.
 Is there fax software available for Jornada's 720 (710) ?
There is bFax Pro on the bSquare site (non available anymore).
Win Phone Pocket from BVRP
KSE Truefax from kse software.
 I get an Application Error - "Cannot find extension file Forms Data."...
This happens when the installer fails to register a module properly. To fix this, register the modules manually:
1) Type [start]...[run]...regsvrce.exe \windows\vbscript.dll
2) Type [start]...[run]...regsvrce.exe \windows\pvbhost2.dll
3) Type [start]...[run]...regsvrce.exe \windows\pvbform2.dll
4) Type [start]...[run]...regsvrce.exe \windows\mscefile.dll
5) Type [start]...[run]...regsvrce.exe \windows\mscepicture.dll.
(or any of the "msce.....dll" that may have been installed.
 A / sign appears in the Calendar year view instead of the date ?
The dates shown as / are sharing the space with another day. In the case of September 2002, the place is used by both the 23rd and 30th. There are only five rows and a few months would need a sixth just for one or two days.
 How to change the skin of the Windows Media Player ?
Read this document. You can also download a skin and "keyboard handling function" (which means you can skip or pull up your volume via keys) created by Angel (SME-Star Media Entertainment).
 How to get DOOM working on a 728 ?
Well, I at least found a tip on how to get DOOM working. Start DOOM from the command line using the Start Menu/Run command. Put the full path in quotes, then outside the last quote use the -fixvid option. The command line would look something like this:
"\Storage Card\DoomDir\HPC Doom.exe" -fixvid
Thanks Kevin for this tip.
 How to try to force Windows Media Player to play more recent MP3 files ?
In the Windows Media Player, tap on the fourth little icon at bottom (the one which represents a checked yellow box). This open the "Sound Quality" box, then check the "Attempt to play unsupported bitrates" box. Be aware that doing this may result when playing files in a longer than normal delay, loss of quality, or device instability.
 CABs files installed from my Jornada are deleted, how can I keep them ?
A cabinet (CAB) file is a compressed file that holds all of the items necessary for installing and configuring a program on a specific Handheld or Pocket PC (they are also available for desktop PCs, but they are slightly different and desktop CAB can't be runned from a handheld and inversely).
Once they are installed, CABs file are automatically deleted and it remains only a little file in the "\Windows" folder and an entry in the registry for uninstall purposes.
In order to keep these files on your machine (because they take a lot of place, it is recommended to store them on the storage discs), simply change the attribute of the file you want to keep in "read-only" mode by highlighting the file, then select "Properties" from the menu, check the "read-only" box and validate with "Ok".
After the installation is performed, the CAB file is still present on your machine for a future use.
 How to change the job hours of the Calendar on a 728 ?
Thanks Hermann for this tip:

Default Value is '2210003E' (hexadecimal) ~ 8:00-17:00; Sa/Su

Pairs of two digits belong together: 22|10|00|3E
The first two pairs (from left to right) count 0,5h (hours) starting at midnight.
You must enable 1/2h view in 'View' Menu to see 1/2h markings.

The second pair defines 'Start of working hours'
The first pair defines 'End of working hours'
The third pair is unused till now (??)
The last pair defines work free days (3E = Sa/Su)

For example: first pair:
22hex = 34dec /2 = 17h ~ 17:00
23hex = 35dec /2 = 17.5h ~ 17:30

The rightmost hex-digit pair (default 3E ~ Su/Mo) is interpreted as follows:

unused,Sa,Fr,Th,We,Tu,Mo,Su where 1=work day, 0=free day

1F(hex) = 00011111(bin) ~ Fr/Sa free days
3E(hex) = 00111110(bin) ~ Sa/Su free days
7C(hex) = 01111100(bin) ~ So/Mo free days

Res! ult f.ex:
2412007C(hex) = 605159548(dec) ~ 9:00-18:00; Su/Mo
2312003E(hex) = 588382270(dec) ~ 9:00-17:30; Sa/Su

I use the PHM registry editor (www.phm.lu/products); it can handle/show dec, hex and bin values - be careful, have backups!

Use the seven day, 1/2 hour view in Calendar-view to control settings.
The 'first day of week' setting in Calendar-Extras-options is not relevant to free/working days!
 Does Pocket Streets 2003 works on HPC2000 ?
It seems that version 2003 of Streets and Maps, (I do not know for Map Point or Autoroute (for Europe)) does not includes a HPC version.
Here is Microsoft answer concerning Pocket Streets 2003:
"Pocket Streets 2003 can only be installed on Pocket PCs with the processor of Arm or Mips and running Microsoft Windows CE 3.0 or later".

Also, the download on Microsoft website concerning Pocket Streets 2002 is only for PocketPCs, so don't waste your time to download it.
But if you own a 2003 version (desktop version) and you have Pocket Streets 2002 for HPC, maps seems to be compatible.

But there is a good news, it is possible to convert 2002 and 2003 maps to use them with Pocket Street 2001 which is available free on Microsoft web site. Read here.
 I get an ERROR while running a .VB application
I get an "ERROR Microsoft VBScript Compilation error - Line: 1-Invalid Character CEVB".
This comes by the fact that you have installed BSQUARE BScript.
The problem does not comes from BScript directly, but by the fact that it also install "Microsoft JScript RunTimes" and "Microsoft VBScript RunTimes".
The installation of the VBScript RunTimes changes the registry key for the ".VB" associating it to BScript. The consequence is that when you try to run an eVB application it crash with this error message because BScript is not able to understand the script (which is normal).
In order to solve the problem, use a registry editor and under the key [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.vb], change the value which is "bScriptFile" by the following value "VBCE.ProjectRun".
Doing this solve the problem, eVB applications will run normally and BScript will works also, don't worry. The only recommendation for people using BScript will be to not save their script with an ".VB" extension,! but to use the ".VBS" extension (which is normally used by BScript.
 When I install a CAB on my machine, I can't select the destination folder
When you install or re-install a program using a CAB file and you are not able to select the destination folder and the installation is performed into the default location.
This may occurs because there is a specific library (called "setup.dll") which gives orders and perform action when installing, or (and this is certainly the reason), because a key in the registry has been changed which disable the choice of the destination folder.
To solve this problem, use a registry editor and go the section:
[\SOFTWARE\Apps\Microsoft Application Installer]
and change the value of the "fAskDest" key to "1"
This is a DWORD value so depending on your registry editor it may look like:"fAskDest"=dword:00000001"
Setting this key to "1" enable the choice of the destination folder, "0" disable this choice.
It is not necessary to soft reset the device after this modificat! ion
 eVB error:
 The targeted platform does not match the device currently connected
A new entry needs to be added to the device registry in order for eMbedded Visual C++ and eMbedded Visual Basic to recognize the platform and allow files to be downloaded properly. To edit the Jornada registry, you need a registry editor.
1) Locate and Click on the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder.
2) Now you need to add a folder in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. To do that, click on the Registry Tab. Select New Key. Type Windows CE Tools as the subfolder name.
3) Being on the Windows CE Tools subfolder, click on the Registry Tab. Select New String.
4) Enter Platform in the Name field. Double-click on Platform. This will open a window.
5) Enter {0F9D255B-97DA-4641-A8E6-7A7411D2472F} in the Value data field.

Or download the the patch.
 How can I import Cardfile Data ?
If you've been using the Windows 3.1 Cardfile as your PIM, you can transfer your information to Windows CE. Start the Cardfile on your desktop system, select the text-only print format, and print to a text file. Then edit the resulting text file with Windows Notepad (or any other text editor), and format it in tab-separated-variable format. You can import the resulting file into Microsoft Outlook and from there into the Windows CE Contacts app via HPC Explorer's Synchronize command. If you use Schedule+, Microsoft has an import pack available that reads Windows 3.1 Cardfile data directly. To find it, go to Microsoft.
 Does PocketStreet recognize a GPS ?
It does not works with Pocket Street 2001, but if you have 2002 version then a patch is available for download on Microsoft web site.
 Can I read PDF (Portable Document Format) file directly on my machine ?
Yes, using Ansyr Primer.
 Can I read .LIT (Microsoft Reader) file ?
There is no version of the Microsoft Reader for Jornada 720. However, I have been able to make it work, see here. Else Mobipocket offers for free an excellent e-book reader which reads .PRC format, and maybe the books you have on your PC exist in PRC format. The format for .LIT files is not public, then Mobipocket can't support it.
However, you can convert these files, read the topic "How to convert .LIT files" below.
 How to convert .LIT files (Microsoft Reader) to read them on my machine ?
Read this document that explain how to use a script for Wintask in order to convert a .LIT file into a .RTF file. Else see here.
 How to read .CHM (compressed HTML) file on the Jornada ?
CHM files are compressed HTML files that come with many programs as help files and can be readed only on your desktop PC. So read this article that explain how to convert them in HTML files in order to be readed on your machine.