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  j7xx multispell

System Requirements

Author: Henri Spagnolo
Version: 1.1
Price:  $0 - Freeware
Category: Spellchecker
"j7xx multispell" is a free utiity that reside into the taskbar and allows to change the default lexical used by applications like PocketWord.

Available in english.

Before changing the lexical file, be sure to have close all applications that are using the spelling function, else you won't be able to change it. A soft reset is NOT necessary after you have changed the lexical file.

Be warned that I have tested this only on my Jornada 720 US machine. There is no reasons why it should not works on other language machines, but I do not take any responsabiliies in case of problems. 
- Original lexical backup.
- Change the default lexical language file by another one.
- Restore the default lexical file.
- 7 differents languages included in the package. Select which one to install.
  Australian english - EA
  English - EN
  French - FR
  German - GE
  Italian - IT
  Portuguese - PT
  Spanish - ES
 System requirements
- Handheld PC: HPC 2000
- Screen: 640x240
- Processors: StrongARM or MIPS
- 1.1 (December 28, 2003)
   - All the references to my old web and email addresses have been changed in the help
1.0 (August 30, 2003)
   - First release of the program
Handheld PC: HPC 2000 - Strongarm MIPS
The file you download is a freeware. If you like it and use it regularly, then do not hesitate to send me your comments.
The installation package includes 7 different lexical files, in case you get one that is not included, please feel free to send it to me, then I will included it in the distribution in order that everybody can benefit of new files.