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Why shareware
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"Henri's j7xxkeys, a really must have."
 Frank J. Garcia - PC Counselor


Author: Henri Spagnolo
Version: 1.2
Price:  $5.99
Category: Keyboard utility
 Why shareware
I make it available as shareware in order to help me to maintain my web site, which I hope has been (and is still...) useful for HPC users. I spent a lot of time updating the site, and this can be a way to help me.
"j7xxkeys" allows to create and modify hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) in order to assign to them applications that can be launched when the key is pressed.

Available in english.
- Assign an application to the "Win" key" + any key from 0 to 9, A to Z and -
- Modifiers like Ctrl, Shift, Ctrl+Shift and Alt can be used in addition to the above.
- Assign keys for hotkeys, hardicons and external buttons.
- Edit/Modify/Delete, Backup and Restore (factory or custom) the assigned keys.
 System requirements
- Handheld PC: HPC 2000
- Screen: 640x240
- Processors: StrongARM or MIPS
- 1.2 (December 28, 2003)
   - All the references to my old web and email addresses have been changed in the help
1.1 (August 26, 2003)
   - Now if two occurencies of the program are runned, instead of a warning message
     the second occurence is closed and the first is recalled to foreground
   - Added a facility to assign direct Control Panel functions like: Internet Options,
     Owner, Power, Display, System, etc...
   - Added a facility to assign folders
   - Added a "Backup" function that allows to save each tab into a file located in the
     j7xxkeys folder (not available in the evaluation version)
   - Added a "Restore Custom" function which uses the files created by the "Backup"
     function in order to restore the assigned keys (The "Restore Factory" function
     still restore only the original machine settings)
   - Added a new "tab" enabling "hotkey+CTRL+SHIFT"
   - Some cosmetic changes
1.0 (August 16, 2003)
   - First release of the program
Handheld PC: HPC 2000 - Strongarm MIPS
The file you download is a shareware. If you like it and use it regularly, please register. I'll send you back a personal registration code, valid for all the new versions or updates. Don't forget to send me your name and address. The price is $5.99.
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