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Author: Frank J. García - PC Counselor
Company Web Site:
Version tested: HPC v1.0
Price: Introductory Price: $7.14
: Data
 Tested on
PDA: Jornada 720 US machine (but works also on PocketPC)
CTDVDData is a database tool that will allow you to keep track of your DVD and VHS collection. You can save in it's database all the information about your DVD and VHS including the name and the due date of anyone who has borrowed one of your DVD/VHS and even more, you will be able to set an alarm so when you open this program the next time it tells you of any over due return date.

Frank J. Garcia (author of the excellent Tweaks2k2 utility) provide us with a useful tool for managing a DVD and VHS collection. The technology used for this software is Visual CE from Syware (a very, very good database builder software).
- Add/Delete/Modify records
- List view
- Insert picture
- Export/Import function
- Send/Receive records via InfraRed
- Filters
- Due date for loan
- Alarm reminder for loan
- Print
 Documentation and help
Help file is provided in HTML format.
 Working with the software
The program is divided in three panels acting like windows in which the main functions are always accessible (on the right).

The first panel allows to set the main information about the movie like the title, genre, casting, director, language, rating, between others.

The choices (for a lot of fields) are pre-defined with options using the same standard as you may find on Amazon for example, so the rating, screen format, sound for a specific movie, can be easily found on Internet in case you have a doubt or are not mentioned on the cover.
You can add, delete, navigate, search or filter records using the small icons on the right part of the screen.

The second panel allows to enter information about the subtitle, sound, summary, personal notes, loan and also to insert a picture (63x90 pixel or less) in .BMP, .JPG or .GIF format.

For the loan, you can easily set a due date and an alarm (very useful to avoid paying the little extra because you forget to return it, no pretext anymore).

The third panel contains the print, beam, export/import and filters functions.

Searching records
The navigation (next, previous, first and last) is available, but to move easily through records, you can use or the search function or the list view.

Just few small things... 
We may just regret few small functionalities, like the fact that the images can't be resized (in case they are smaller than 63x90 pixels) or, when in the second and third panel, the fact that the search or the add new record do not move to the first panel automatically (but I presume that this is a VisualCE limitation).
Also, maybe a field allowing the numbering of the movies (useful for large collections) and the close icon not present in the second and third panel (which force the users to move to the first one in order to close the application). IMHO.
Now in terms of practice, I have disovered few very very very small things that can be improved: the fact that in the "Genre" box, we can't add other categories or if a language is added, the "Subtitle" box do not included it (and this field do not allow to add a new language).
A good application for all users that have a huge collection (hey... a small one also) of DVD and/or VHS movies. Everythings is there to facilitate the input and to manage such a collection.
JJJJJ  4 "J" on 5 because this is a well done application and a very low price.