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Keyboard Skins

Author: The Image Group, Inc
Company Web Site:
Version tested: Jornada 720 skin
Price: $19.95 (special price $16.95)
Category: Accessories - keyboard
 Tested on
PDA: Jornada 720 US machine (but can be used with Jornada 680, 690, 710, 728 and other models exist for Nec Mobile Pro 770, 780, 790 and 900)
Keyboard Skins are designed to prevent damaging fluid spills and blowing dust from destroying your handheld PCs!

Now you can keep rain, snow, soda, coffee, tea, your morning Danish or late night Rocky Road from gunking up your keyboard, frying the motherboard and ruining a costly personal data assistant! Made of a 7 mil thin, incredibly flexible matte finish polyurethane material, these high-quality, totally transparent Keyboard Skins are custom-made and vacuum molded to fit like a second skin! Our exclusive Keyboard Skins are easy to install and offer superior tactile sensitivity. Special adhesive strips assure the Keyboard Skins stay in place.

They fit like a glove & protect like armor!

This is the main "slogan" and argument of this product and you know what? This is true.
When I have discovered this product (almost one year ago), I ordered it without any hesitation. Why?
Simply because first I was (and still I am) inquisitive and also because the Jornada is not an inexpensive machine, I decided to protect my precious device from dust and other stupid accidents.

I receive it one week after my order (hey... not too bad, I am based in Switzerland). Soon the package opened, I decided to dress my machine, so first I just clean the keyboard and all around. Less than one minute later, it was in place.
adhesive strips are easy to move in case the skin is not aligned correctly, but do not do this too much, else it may not be enough sticked.

What surprise me first was the touch, strange feeling. The typing is more soft, this is not unpleasant and do not remove nothing to the quality of the typing; no need to type stronger and no missing characters in the document.
More than one year later and a very intensive use of it, the skin is still in place. Nothing has moved and my machine is fully dust protected.

To be honnest, I never accidentally have had liquid on it, so I can't really tell you what will be the result. But I may imagine (except if you dunk your machine in the water), that the machine will be preserved with a small quantity of liquid.
JJJJJ  5 "J" on 5 because this is a really good investment.