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Value-Added Services (VAS)
Value-added services provide additional "value" to users of mobile GSM infrastructure, e.g. in form of mobile games, logos and ringtones (mobile entertainment)

VBScript macro
A procedure that contains VBScript commands and takes no parameters. A VBScript macro begins with a Sub statement, continues with VBScript commands that represent tasks you want to accomplish, and ends with an End Sub statement.

vehicle bus bridge
A hardware interface that establishes a connection between an automotive computing device's universal serial bus (USB) port and an automobile's on-board diagnostic level (OBD II) port.

Vehicle I/O API (VIO)
A COM interface that is a set of APIs that allows applications to access and control an extendable set of vehicle components, sensors, and switches. The vehicle I/O API creates an open standard and extensible interface for software communications to communicate with automotive hardware.

In music, the speed at which a key is struck; roughly equivalent to the volume of a note. In 3-D sound, the speed at which a sound source or listener is considered to be moving for the purpose of calculating Doppler shift.

vernal equinox
A point that represents the apparent ascending node of the sun in the apparent orbit of the sun around the earth. For modeling purposes, pretending that the sun orbits the earth, rather than that the earth orbits the sun, simplifies the descriptions of satellite orbits.

A point in 3-D space.

Industry-specific (e.g., healthcare or retail sales) markets.

view space
A frame of reference that places the viewer at the origin, looking in the direction of the positive z-direction. Objects are transformed from world space to view space by using the view transformation.

view transformation
The application of a matrix to a model's vertices to change its orientation from world space to view space.

viewing frustum
A 3-D volume in a scene positioned relative to the viewport's camera. Objects within the frustum are visible. For perspective viewing, the viewing frustum is the volume of an imaginary pyramid that is between the front clipping plane and the back clipping plane. For orthographic viewing, the viewing frustum is cuboid.

A rectangle that defines how a 3-D scene is rendered into a 2-D window. A viewport also defines an area on a device into which objects will be rendered.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Refers to a network in which some of the parts are connected using the public Internet, but the data sent across the Internet is encrypted, so the entire network is "virtually" private. A typical example would be a company network where there are two offices in different cities. Using the Internet, the two offices merge their networks into one network, but encrypt traffic that uses the Internet link.

Virtual SMSC (VSMSC)
Extended version of a direct link to the SMSC of a network operator where the user receives his own number for a SMS message center. The VSMSC allows establishing and managing of closed user groups and the use of reverse-billing (user pays incoming as well as outgoing messages over his VSMSC).

virtual spaces
In text editing, spaces that are inserted between the end of the line and the insertion point before new characters are added to the line.

virtual-key code
A device-independent value that identifies the purpose of a keystroke as interpreted by the Windows keyboard device driver.

Visual Basic
Visual Basic is a programming language and environment developed by Microsoft and based on the BASIC language. Visual Basic was one of the first products to provide a graphical programming environment and a paint metaphor for developing user interfaces.

Visual Basic, Scripting Edition
A subset of the Visual Basic for Applications programming language, optimized for Web-related programming. It is implemented as a fast, portable, lightweight interpreter for use in Web browsers and other applications. Also called VBScript and Visual Basic Script.

voice commands
Allows you to give verbal commands directly to your PDA.

voice recording
Allows you to record and playback your voice using your PDA. This is great for taking notes or dictation.

VREF (vertical refresh)
In a video stream, the VREF is active to signal that the display is to begin a new screen.