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.abx file

An absolute binary data format file. An .abx file is an image file that is generated by Romimage.exe that makes up the bits of the operating system image.

.bat file
A text file that contains operating system commands. The operating system processes the commands sequentially.

.bib file
A binary image builder file. A file used by the ROM Image Builder tool, Romimage.exe, to determine which modules and files to combine when forming the ROM image, and where to place the modules in memory.

.bif file
A build information file. A file containing definitions of environment variables used in the process of building a platform.

.bin file
A Windows CE binary image data format file. A .bin file is an image file that is generated by Romimage.exe that makes up the bits of the operating system image.

.bsp file
A board support package file. In Platform Builder, the software that implements the hardware development platform drivers.

.cec file
A component file. Platform Builder imports this text file to describe meta information about components and their relationships. The .cec file format is a list of blocks and sub-blocks enclosed in parentheses. The blocks are component type, implementation, and build method. A catalog is the collection of all .cec files registered with a PB installation. The .cec files are installed at PBINSTROOT\cepb\cec.

.cpp file
A text file containing C++ source code.

.cxx file
A text file containing either C or C++ source code.

.dat file
A file that is run by a Windows CE system after it has started that can create directories, copy files, etc.

.db file
A file that lists databases and records that are located on a system after startup.

.def file
A module definition file. A .def file is used to export functions from a .dll file. Makefile.def is the file that contains rules that describe how to compile source code or link object modules to create a Windows CE project.

.fdf file
A binary registry file that is included in an OS image and is always loaded during a cold boot. This file initializes the system registry on the target device.

.ime file
An Input Method Editor (IME) file.

A CAB Wizard input file that specifies information about the application.

An initialization file that registers an application with an application manager. It contains information such as the location of .cab files, icon files, and the installation directory.

.lib file
A Common Object File Format (COFF) file generated by the Microsoft 32-bit Library Manager tool for standard and import libraries. The default file name extension for these files is .lib.

.lnk file
A shortcut file.

.loc file
The file that tells makeimg which modules need to be localized for each dependent core tree.

.mak file
A file used by the Microsoft Program Maintenance Utility, Nmake.exe.

.map file
A text file that contains information about the program that is to be linked, including the groups in the program and a list of public symbols. The linker names the map file with the base name of the program and the file name extension .map.

.obj file
A file containing object code or data generated by a compiler or an assembler from the source code of an application. Object files generated by the Visual C++ compiler have an .obj file name extension.

.pbp file
A Platform Builder project file that specifies how to build a particular project in a workspace. The file contains source file names and locations, build settings, and debug settings, including breakpoints and watches.

.pbw file
A Platform Builder workspace file that contains information about the workspace, such as a list of all the platforms or projects.

.pch file
A precompiled header file. A file containing compiled code for a portion of a project. Subsequent builds combine this file with the uncompiled code, thus shortening the overall compile time.

.pdb file
A file used by the Platform Builder build tools to store information about a user's application. A .pdb file speeds linking during the debugging phase of development by keeping the debugging information separate from the object files.

.pdp file
A file that keeps track of all programs, forms, menus, libraries, reports, labels, queries, and other types of files that are needed to create an application.

.pif file
A program information file. A file that provides information to Windows CE about how best to run MS-DOS applications. When you start an MS-DOS application, Windows CE looks for a .pif file to use with the application. A .pif file contains such items as the name of the file, a startup directory, and multitasking options.

.rc file
A resource script file. An .rc file is a text file that contains descriptions of resources from which the resource compiler creates a binary resource file.

.rct file
A resource template file that is used as a model for creating other resource files.

.reg file
A file that lists the keys to be included in an image's registry at startup.

.res file
A binary file that contains resource data for a Windows-based application. A .res file is created by the resource compiler from the resource script (.rc) file.

.sip file
An input panel file.

.sre file
A Motorola 32-bit binary data format file. An .sre file is an image file that is generated by Romimage.exe that makes up the bits of the operating system image.

.str file
A string replacement file that provides text strings that are used by .bib files, .reg files, .db files, and .dat files. The .str file consists of localized string resources identified by a defined name or token and is stored in the language subdirectory under the flat release directory.

.thm file
A theme file. A resource-only file that contains a small compiled binary structure representing design-time data (such as enumerations of possible property values) and another small compiled binary structure representing run-time data (such as theme properties and XML values). It also contains references to composite bitmaps and other resources, such as an XML layer file for an SIP control.

.ttf file
A TrueType font file.

.vbs file
A Microsoft Visual Basic, Scripting Edition macro file.

.wav file
A Microsoft standard file format for storing waveform audio data.

.wce file
This is the platform configuration file located at _WINCEROOT\public\yourplatformname that describes all settings related to your platform, such as which components you want and what build or image flags you have set.