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 Configuring the Windows XP Service Pack 2 Firewall and ActiveSync
Read this document from Chris De Herrera.
 Can I connect my machine using USB instead of the serial port ?
Yes, but you must have ActiveSync version 3.5. In case you use version 3.1, it is recommended to uninstall it before installing version 3.5. Behind the cradle (just near the serial), push the litte door and you will see the USB.
 Sometime my machine does not connect using ActiveSync ?
Before plugin your machine in the cradle, disable the sound on your machine. Once connected, you can re-enable sound.
 I get a "communication error 678" when synching or connecting?
Change the Com port in the connecting settings. This critical Error 678 can be returned when trying to sync with USB instead of Serial. You have to make sure that you have the same settings in ActivSync on the Desktop and the PDA.

Also, this happend frequently when the Jornada is plugged into  the cradle and you power on your desktop PC. The Jornada try to connect, but the desktop PC is not fully launched and the connection is not possible.

Read also this document from HP.
 Sync Issues With J720 and MS Money
Read this document submitted by Paul.
 ActiveSync Troubleshooting Guide
Read this document from Chris De Herrera.
 Warning about the Windows CE Service backup
Windows CE Services include a device backup/restore feature, but here is a list of important troubleshooting tips:
The backup (.stg) files are not backward compatible, For exemple, you cannot restore a device from a desktop PC running Windows CE Services 2.1 if your backup file have been done using Windows CE Services 2.2.
If you make a complete reset (removing the RAM for a minute) of your device, all your configuration will be lost, then you could get an error message saying that your target device doesn't use the same language as the source one (which the .stg file is from), this is because Backup check your regionnal settings on your device, if you selected another zone than the default one, you must set it again before restoring. For exemple, if you selected "English (UK)", and the industry setting is "English (USA), you must change it to "English (UK)" to be able to restore your device.
 Error Converting Office Document with Graphics to H/PC Format
Read this document from Microsoft that explain how to solve this problem.
 How can I synchronize user defined Outlook fields from my desktop PC ?
You cannot. Pocket Outlook does not support user defined fields in Outlook 98/2000/2002.