menuS5 v2.6  

MenuS5 is an applications, documents, folders launcher and notes taker.

Tired of searching your programs in the Extra bar (which are moving each time you add a new one) ? Then use MenuS5 !
And run all your favorite applications, documents or folders by pressing just one key.
10 screens of 26 slots are available (260 possibilities) per file.

Available in french, german, italian and english.

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and allows   

to get informations on the machine, state of the batteries, days to go, to activate the remote link, the infrared, the backlight and to create new standard documents (agenda, data, sheet, word, etc...).
It include also an internal text editor and can set the contrast of the screen. And lots more...


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for Psion Series5/5mx/MC218/Geofox    
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The file you download is a shareware. If you like it and use it regularly, please register. I'll send you back a personal registration code, valid for all the new versions or updates. Don't forget to send me your address (post or email). The price is $15.

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