If as me you like crossword here are some interactiv puzzles (well, in fact only one, because I just start with these pages).

To solve the puzzle, use mouse and keyboard (hmmm, a dictionary also if you want, Java is required).


number download play
1 cross1.html

Soon as time permit me, I will generate other puzzles, but if you want to send me yours, this will be much appreciated, I will then transform them in interactiv puzzles. But please no puzzle more than 20x20.


Each puzzle can also be download in three differents formats:
    - Crossword for Psion
    - Across format (.PUZ)
    - Text format (.TXT)

Here is a template if you want to generate a puzzle in text format:

    Your name
    clue for OR
    clue for ON
    clue for SINGE
    clue for SOI
    clue for IVE
    clue for APRES
    clue for OS
    clue for RIS
    clue for OGIVE
    clue for NE
    clue for NOIR
    clue for SA
    clue for ES

Then give a name and save your file in .TXT format and send it to me.