menuS3 v2.5  

MenuS3 is a launcher for .APP, .IMG, .OPA and .OPO applications.

It is divide in five screens   

The first one, in which the standard Psion applications are setup (no changes allowed, you can only change the interface language).
Standard applications screen
The others in which you can setup your personal applications; you can define 26 entries (keys A to Z) by screen (104 possibilities).
Personal applications screen

and allows   

to setup an alarm, to find which day is the "31 December 2000, display the owner informations, the free memory, the tasks running, to access the Psion system screen, to load the remote link, to setup the system (switch off, sounds, date, etc...). MenuS3 contain also a little calculator, an ascii table, a file manager and let you choose your interface language (french or english). MenuS3 inform you when it come to foreground if there is less than 100k of free system memory or if batteries are low. And lots more...


for Psion 3a/3c/3mx    

what's new   


The file you download is a shareware. If you like it and use it regularly, please register. I'll send you back a personal registration code, valid for all the new versions or updates. Don't forget to send me your address (post or email). The price is $10.

to register   

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