computer glossary v1.0  

Computer glossary including 5 different databases:

7230 acronyms
5290 english/french terms (lexical)
2600 file name extensions
130 countries and domain names abbreviations
Some smileys

This version is a demonstration version and is limited to the letter "A" concerning the acronyms, the lexical and the extensions.        Selection screen
Example of a search result in the acronyms database.                  Search result


The registred version need about 650 Kb on one of your drive. But it is not an obligation for you to install all the five databases to run the program.
All the manipulations you need are on the main screen of the program.
- Copy the file "glossgb.opa" in the directory \APP on one of your drive (for the french version, copy the file "glossfr.opa").
- Create on one of your drive the directory GLO and copy in this directory the following files:
        - glo.pic
        - acro.glo
        - ext.glo
        - lex.glo
        - pays.glo
        - smi.glo


for Psion 3a/3c/3mx    


The file you download is a shareware. If you like it and use it regularly, please register. I'll send you back the full version. Don't forget to send me your address (post or email). The price is $17.

to register   

By mail (cash)   
Henri Spagnolo   
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1201 Geneva   
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