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Resco Explorer 2003

Author: Resco, Ltd
Company Web Site:
Version tested: 4.10
Price: $19.95
: Utilities
 Tested on
PDA: Jornada 720 US machine (but works also on PocketPC)
Resco Explorer 2003 is a powerful file management utility for your device. It includes all standard features such as file/folder manipulation like copy, move, delete, creation of folders, run programs with arguments, search facility, etc...
- File Manager 
- Network Browser 
- Registry Editor 
- Built-in viewer 
- Strong File Encryption
- ZIP Compression 
 Documentation and help
A complete help file is available from the menu (as a standard Windows CE help file) and a complete documentation is available in PDF format at the following address:
 Working with the software
Again, this review (as the other) will not be a complete detailed review. The software includes too much functions and only a general overview will be presented.

The main window is divided in three different part:

The menu and toolbar:
As usual, the toolbar provides little icons for a fast use of the main functions.
The tree panel (left):
It contains three main parts, the device itself, a network access and the registry.
The content panel (right):
This panel display details on folders and files in a standard way.

Among all the functions that are offered, here are the ones for which I won't give details, because they are present and work as in all similar applications:
- The view can be customized by showing or not the panels, the header and the
  columns. A refresh is available.
- Copy or Move is performed using CTRL+C (copy) or CTRL+X (cut), then CTRL+V
  for pasting (shortcuts can also be pasted). Delete is done using the delete key.
  The toolbar can also be used for all these actions.
- Select All and Inverse Selection.
- Single/Multi selection. When activated, this function allows to tap on different files
  in order to select them without the use of the keyboard (shift and ctrl).
- Create folder.
- Receive files (by Infrared).

Two original functions:
The software allows two original and great functions (between others), but which are rarely present inside this kind of application (well at least on CE devices):

- The possibility to map a network drive. Unfortunately, I am not able to connect to a
   network, so I will not test this function. Be informed that you can't map a drive using
   ActiveSync, you need a network card.

- A registry facility which allows to navigate through the registry and to add, delete,
   modify, import and export keys and values (in order to export, just tap and keep the
   stylus a moment on the key, a menu will opens with an export option).
   The registry can be searched also.

The built-in viewer:
The viewer can be set in the "Options" to be used when taping on a file, then a new window opens and offers different displays.
It can be used to view files in TXT, BIN or HEX format, as well as JPEG, GIF, BMP graphic formats (PNG is mentioned, but the HPC does not have in the ROM the DLL which allows to display PNG, so it does not work). The built-in viewer implements a very comfortable text search function.

The File encryption:
You can use the Base Cryptographic Provider with RC2 (40bit) or DES (56bit) algorithms. Simply select the file you want to encrypt, run the function, select a password and the encryption method in order to protect your file. Very easy. But hey, do not forget your password, else...

Additionally, you can also install a Windows 95/98/NT/2000 shell extension to use the encryption/decryption process on desktop PCs.

The ZIP compression:
You can used the compression to increase the storage space for example. The used ZIP algorithm is PC compatible, so you can extract archives created on a desktop PC and vice-versa.

Some other very useful functions:
The application offers also some cool functions that simplify manipulations:

- The Run function:
   Works in two ways and offers an arguments box. If no file is selected or a file has an
   unknown extension, the boxes are empty.

   Else, if the selected file is know, the boxes are filled automatically.

- The Send To:
   This facility lets you organize Send To Folders, attach a file to an email or infrared

- The Favorites:
   You can add your favorite folders to a list in order to navigate quickly.

- The Properties:
   The properties provide information on the files, folders or Storage Cards like date,
   location, size, type and the attributes (read-only, hidden, archive, system). When a
   folder or a storage card is selected, the properties display the numbers of files and
   folders they contain and the space it represent.

The Find function:
This is a great function with all what is necessary in order to find files of text inside files. The function offers an advanced tab in which it is possible to find files by date, size or attribute.

The System Info:
Useful information concerning your machine (memory, storage cards and battery) are provided.

The Options:
This review will end with the options (or preferences) that you can set. A tab is present for every main function of the program and a lot of different settings can be pre-defined.

 Missing functionalities
Very few things, but which may really improve the use of it: the positioning on the right panel (content) using the keyboard by typing the first letter of the file name (actually this works only on the left panel (tree) which display only the folders, then maybe an option to display or not a second panel to facilitate the copy or move from one folder to another and also drag&drop facility.

Hey..., and if a second panel exists, it can be used for an FTP facility for example. It is always free to ask things like that, no?   ;-)
Very good file manager that does the job of 5 other applications: The file manager itself (which can replace the built-in explorer), then a ZIP compression facility, a built-in viewer, an encryption tool and a registry editor. So, why should you have to use and buy 4 other programs.
JJJJJ 5 "J" on 5 for this very well done piece of software