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Author: Ad Vitam Sarl
Company Web Site:
Version tested: 1.51 with the Personal version
Price: $39.95 per year (Personal) - $29.95 per year (Business)
Data and Synchronization
 Tested on
PDA: Jornada 720 US machine (but works also on PocketPC and Palm)
Calendae keeps you in touch with your diary and contacts everywhere at any time. Its fast, intuitive and powerful interface can be reached either by Internet with any browser, either by a Wap mobile phone.

This mean that you can share and synchronize your agenda and address book of your device from everywhere from an Internet connection. In this review, I won't write about the Wap mobile phone and the Business version. But for your information, the Business version is designed for entreprise's workgroup, team's workgroup and associations. It allows to share diaries and/or address books between several persons, with specific rights. The price is lower, because you need at least two agendas (2x $29.95 per year).
- Manage your diary and your address book from any Internet access
- Share your data with other persons
- 3 diary views by day, week or month
- Rapid scroll in the past or futur
- Reminder of your next 10 events
- Manage your non-working days including public holidays and weekends
- Quick search of an event or a contact
- Statistics
 Documentation and help
The client program that runs on the device does not contains any help, but it is so much easy to use that this is normal. A help page is provided online.
 Working with the software
The main functions are available on the online version, but you have to download (80kb) and install the client part for your device. This client part is used only for synchronization, then the calendar and contacts applications are the one available by defaut on your machine. You will need also to connect to Internet from your device, using your preferred method. I use a Nokia D211 phone card and I connect with GPRS.

After what you have to open an account on the Calendae web site.

In order for you to test, you can or use the demo account or try it for 30 days by registering. You can define 1 to 4 passwords to access your diary: the first is the main one, it gives a full access to view, create, update and delete events and contacts. All other passwords are intended for persons to whom you wish to give a limited reading access to your diary and your address book.

Once you are logged, the diary window is displayed and consists of 4 parts:
- On the left side, a calendar to view your diary and options.
- In the center, your diary with the events.
- On the right side (optionnaly), your next 10 events.
- At the bottom of the page, the form to create and update events

The Diary window:

The left part offers options like selecting a date, display a yearly calendar, create a new event, print and search/remove events. The central part display the events (here for one day, but if the week is clicked, a weekly display is available). The right part shows the next 10 events and the bottom (not visible here) a form that allows to modify or create an event.

The Address Book window:

The left part offers options to display by categories, to sort using a specific field, create a new contact and to manage categories. The left part display the contacts and the bottom the form to modify or create a contact.

The client installed on the device:

Just connect to Internet on your device as usual. The first time you run the program in order to synchronize, it is necessary to enter the login name and password (the group for the Business edition). These settings are memorized in a cookie, so until you do not delete the cookie, this window will never appears again. If you log successfully, a second window will be displayed.

This window is very simple to use and is divided into 3 main parts, the status message box, the diary and contacts options.

The synchronize button allows to sync both agendas or contacts (on your device and the Internet). The Calendae to HPC button will overwrites your calendar and contacts on your device, be careful, this empty first your device calendar or contacts application, then updated it from Calendae. The HPC to Calendae overwrites the Calendae with your device data.

The Synchronization:
The Calendae on Internet is empty as shown on the two first pictures above. Now lets take a small example with data stored on the Calendar and Contacts applications on the device.


By logic, the first time you will certainly use the HPC to Calendae option for the diary and contacts in order to copy your data to Calendae. So press the button.

Once started, some messages will appear in the Status box showing the progress of the synchronization and at the end a "succeeded" should appears.


At this stage, you have copied your Calendar data to Calendae. Do the same with Contacts and next time (normally all the time) you will certainly use the "Synchronize" button.

Well, very easy no?

Lets have a look now on the Diary and Address Book online:

The help which is provided online explain very well al the functions and possibilities you have, I recommended to read it, but before to end this review, I would like to mention the fact that with Calendae you can also set a reminder for the event a few hours or a few days before the beginning of this event, by email.

You can also have access to statistics about your diary:

Excellent tool, fast and accessible from everywhere, you can share your Calendar and Contacts with the person you wants and it is at the same time a backup of your data.
JJJJJ 5 "J" on 5 because everything works well, is easy to use and support is great