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Author: SYWARE, Inc.
Company Web Site:
Version tested: PocketExtra Contacts and PocketExtra Synchronizer
Price: $9.99 for Contacts and $9.99 for Synchronizer
 Tested on
Desktop: Pentium III - Windows 98SE (but works on all 32 bit Windows version)
PDA: Jornada 720 US machine (but works also on PocketPC)
PocketExtra Contacts customize your Contacts database and add information, drawings, and handwritten notes, this part is installed on the device. The Contacts application does not allow to create other fields than the ones that already exist. PocketExtra Contacts lets you have more fields and in case you want to synchronize them with the desktop version of Outlook (does not work with Outlook Express), then PocketExtra Synchronizer is available and is installed on the desktop.

In case you do not have Outlook or you do not want to synchronize, then you simply need to acquire PocketExtra Contacts.
- Add additional information 
- Use color to highlight important information 
- Create simple drawings and handwritten notes
- Create headings and group information for fast access 
- Speed data entry with dropdown lists, checkboxes, and a pop-up numberpad 
- Track dollar amounts paid or due 
- Track additional important dates 
- Track time, down to the minute 
- New fields can be: text, floating point numbers, integers, money, dates, time,
  drawings, and digital ink 
 Documentation and help
A very good built in help is provided and a PDF file is available on SYWARE Web page.
 Working with the software
Before the software is installed, your Contacts application looks like this:

Once the program is installed on your device, a new function "PocketExtra" is available under the "Tools" menu:

One of the great feature is the fact that new fields are added only for the desiterated items and not automatically for all contacts, this mean it is possible to add new field only for a category of contacts for example.

When an item is selected and the PocketExtra menu is called, a new window is available and it is possible to start creating new fields.

The layout allows to add, modify, move, remove or change the color of the fields and is very easy to use (as always with all SYWARE products).

Now we can start to work and add new fields. The color of the background also can be changed by selecting the "color" menu. The color function can be called separetely for each control that is used, allowing for example to have a different color for each.

Five styles are available: "label", "edit/note box", "checkbox", "dropdown" and "scribble". And the height can be defined in number of lines.

The fields can be defined as a certain type, like: "text", "float", "integer", "money", "date", "time" or "date/time". This is great because it is possible to pre-define them and really facilitate the data input.

Now lets add the first new field, a scribble one for example that can be used to enter handwritted notes:

The "X" button in the scribble box allows to clear the field.

On the same principle, you can add the other ones. In this example I will add  "money", "date/time", "dropdown" and "text" fields. When adding a "dropdown" box, it is possible to define the items that will be available in this box.

Here we are, easy no? Now my Contacts database has new customized fields and I can add more informations.

The input data is facilitated for all the fields that are numeric, money or date thanks to a entry panel:


The final result looks like this:

When PocketExtra Contacts is closed, the Contacts application is available again. If the item that has been previously selected is selected again and the PocketExtra menu is used, then you will access the corresponding data. Else, if you select antoher item in the Contacts, PocketExtra will open the same layout, but with empty fields that are just waiting the input.

 The desktop part
If you intend to synchronize these new fields with your desktop, then you need to buy separately PocketExtra Synchronizer. Bi-directional synchronization works automatically when your handheld device is put in its cradle.

 Missing functionalities
Regarding PocketExtra Contacts there is nothing to say, but for PocketExtra Synchronizer, we can may be regret that it works only with Outlook (not the express version or other desktop programs).
Great application that fill the hole of the Contacts application which does not allows to have new fields for a very small amount of fee. Again Syware provides great software for which until now I do not have found any particular problem, no crash, no lose of data.
JJJJj 4 "J" on 5 because of the synchronization limited to Outlook.