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 Pre-installed programs


The programs listed below are pre-installed in ROM, so you will never need to reinstall them. Click on the icon in order to see a snapshot. The location of the executable is indicated in case you want to assign it to a hotkey.

Pocket Word
Take notes and compose documents, or transfer Microsoft Word files from your desktop PC to read and review while you are away from your office.
Location: \Windows\pword.exe


Pocket Excel
View and edit price lists or financial forecasts on your HP Jornada, or fill out your expense form before you even land at the home office.
Location: \Windows\pxl.exe

Pocket Access
Take database information with you on the road, and fill in custom forms to update Access databases when you return to your office.
Location: \Windows\paccess.exe

Pocket PowerPoint
Create professional presentations on your desktop, and then take them with you to show on your HP Jornada.
Location: \Windows\ppviewer.exe

Never miss a meeting. Keep track of important dates and events or manage your schedule.
Location: \Windows\calendar.exe

Take your address book with you so that you always have access to names, addresses, and telephone numbers. If you update your HP Jornada contacts list, just synchronize with your desktop PC and your contacts will always be up to date.
Location: \Windows\addrbook.exe

Send and receive e-mail messages and synchronize your HP Jornada Inbox with Microsoft Outlook or Exchange on your desktop PC partner in a matter of minutes.
Location: \Windows\pmail.exe

Keep track of to-do lists. Set an alarm or a reminder and HP Jornada will make sure you do not forget a task!
Location: \Windows\tasks.exe

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 for Handheld PC
Browse the Web from your HP Jornada or subscribe to channel content with this version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 developed specifically for the H/PC.
Location: \Windows\iexplore.exe

Windows Explorer
Browse the files and folders on your HP Jornada.
Location: \Windows\explorer.exe

Synchronize your HP Jornada with your desktop or notebook PC over a network or dial-up connection from a remote location.
Location: \Windows\async.asy

PC Link
Establish the connection between your HP Jornada and desktop PC partner with a single tap.
Location: \Windows\repllog.exe

Yahoo Messenger
Send and receive messages instantly. Stay in touch with friends, family and associates whenever you are on line.
Location: \Windows\Yahoo! Messenger.exe

Remote Networking
Connect to a dial-up server, RAS account, or Internet service provider.
Location: \Windows\remnet.exe

Connect to online services that require VT-100 or TTY terminal emulation.
Location: \Windows\pegterm.exe

HP viewer
Display Calendar, Task, and Contact information (Pocket Outlook) in as much detail as you need so that you are always in control of your schedule. Month View, Week View, and Day View help you manage your calendar even more efficiently.
Location: \Windows\hpqview.exe

HP dialup
Configure connections to the Internet and email accounts or corporate network, and then dial in from a convenient pop-up window on your HP Jornada desktop.
Location: \Windows\hpdialv20.exe

HP quick pad
Write simple notes and reminders on this electronic notepad, and then move the important information to Pocket Outlook or a Word document.
Location: \Windows\quickpad.exe

HP security
Control access to your HP Jornada and the important information you have stored on it. Set passwords for accessing your device.
Location: \Windows\ctlpnl.exe \Windows\secure.cpl,HP security,0

HP info exchange
Exchange PIM data with PDA devices with IrDA capability (e.g., Palm PDA devices).
Location: \Windows\hppalmir.exe

HP backup
Protect your valuable data even when you are away from your office by backing up your Pocket Outlook data or your entire device to a CompactFlash or PC Card.
Location: \Windows\backup.exe

Allows you to view Java applets in Internet Explorer on your HP Jornada and provides developers with a complete runtime environment for integrating Java applications on the H/PC.
Location: \Windows\chaivm.exe

HP settings
Adjust screen controls and sound volume to suit any work environment. Or, choose from four preset profiles for different environments, and change all options with the touch of a button.
Location: \Windows\setting.exe

HP hot keys
Open programs, files, or folders with a single keystroke. The HP Jornada hot keys and hard icons are fully customizable, so you can configure them for onetouch access to your favorite programs or frequently used documents.
Location: \Windows\ctlpnl.exe \Windows\hotkeys.cpl,HP hot keys,0

Microsoft InkWriter
Jot quick notes or create sketches while in a meeting.
Location: \Windows\inkwrite.exe

Microsoft Voice Recorder
Record voice memos, reminders or other vital information for later playback.
Location: \Windows\voiceapp.exe

Perform simple calculations in an on-screen calculator, and then copy the results to any open document.
Location: \Windows\calc.exe

World Clock
Keep track of the time anywhere in the world and display useful travel information for both your home city and the city you are visiting.
Location: \Windows\clock.exe

Perform complex mathematical and business calculations with this full-featured calculator from LandWare.
Location: \Windows\OmniSolve.exe

Pass the time at the airport, on the train, or during a not-so-interesting meeting or lecture with this classic game.
Location: \Windows\solitaire.exe

Windows CE Console
Command DOS windows that lets you execute command like ATTRIB, CALL, CD, CHDIR, etc...
Location: \Windows\cmd.exe

Windows Media Player
Play Windows Media audio (.wma) and MP3 (.mp3) files. Possibility to copy and convert digital music from your computer to your handheld using Microsoft Media Player 7.
Location: \Windows\player.exe

HP VGA Control Panel
Change the display settings when using a VGA device.
Location: \Windows\hpvgacp.exe

Aironet Wireless LAN Adapter Setup
Driver setup when using an Aironet Wireless PC Card.
Location: \Windows\Aironet Setup.exe

Aironet WEPKey Utility
The WEP Key is use as the key to encrypt and decrypt your data as it is sent over the airwaves.
Location: \Windows\Aironet WEP Key.exe

Microsoft Message Queue
MSMQ for Windows CE allows users of embedded devices to perform tasks such as remote order processing and inventory update without worrying about the state of their connection.
Location: \Windows\visadm.exe

Terminal Server Client
Creates connections to terminal servers or other remote computers.
Location: \Windows\mstsc.exe