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 Hardware feature



  1 Appointment notification LED
Notifies you of scheduled appointments, alarms, and reminders.

HP hot keys
Allow one-touch access to your favorite programs, folders, documents, or frequently used settings.


Reset button
Restart your Jornada with the touch of a button.


Status LED
A steady red light indicates that Voice Recorder is recording a voice memo; a flashing green light indicates that your Jornada display is off but the device is still turned on.

  5 Microphone
Allows you to record voice memos.

Audio buttons
Enable you to listen to your favorite MP3 or WMA music files with Windows Media Player.


Stylus and stylus slot
Keeps your stylus within easy reach.


dc jack for ac power adapter
Connect your HP Jornada to ac power to charge the main battery.


Battery charging LED
Indicates the charging status of the main battery while connected to ac power.


Telephone connector (RJ-11)
Enables you to connect a telephone line to the built-in modem (on models equipped with a built-in modem), keeping you in touch with the world.


No waiting for the Jornada to start up or shut down. Just press the on/off button to suspend operation, and later when you turn it back on again, you can start working exactly where you left off.


HP hard icons
Adjust display and volume settings, check system status, backup your data, open a dialup connection, or play music files with just a tap of your stylus.


CompactFlash Type I card slot
Enables you to add storage memory or use accessories on CompactFlash cards.


Backup battery compartment
Holds a 3-V CR2032 coin-cell backup battery.


CompactFlash door release tab
Slide the tab in the direction of the arrow to insert CompactFlash Cards or access the backup battery compartment.


PC Card Type II card slot
Enables you to use PC Cards (also called PCMCIA Cards) to expand memory, connect to an external monitor, or add other functionality to your HP Jornada.


Smart Card reader slot
Smart Cards are designed with embedded chip technology that enables the highest standard in device security for HP Jornada owners.


PC Card release tab
Flip the tab out and depress it to eject a PC Card from the Type II PC Card slot.


Earphone jack
listen to your favorite music via the stereo earphone jack.


Security cable slot
Allows you to keep your HP Jornada safe with the connection of an optional thinwire security cable.


Infrared port
Enables you to send and receive files by infrared beam between your HP Jornada and another HP Jornada or palmtop PC, or between your HP Jornada and an infraredequipped printer or desktop PC.


Main battery
Provides power to your HP Jornada for up to 9 hours of use.


Main battery release tab
Slide the tab to release the main battery for removal or replacement.


Serial Port (RS-232C)
Connect your HP Jornada to your desktop PC to transfer files or synchronize Pocket Outlook data, or connect your HP Jornada directly to a printer, external modem, or other device.