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Why shareware
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"why wasn't this thought of before?"
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Author: Henri Spagnolo
Version: 1.3
Price:  $5.99
Category: Utility
 Why shareware
I make it available as shareware in order to help me to maintain my web site, which I hope has been (and is still...) useful for HPC users. I spent a lot of time updating the site, and this can be a way to help me.
"j7xxutil" is a small taskbar add-on that allows to have a quick access to some useful function.

Available in english.
- Information on the main battery life and power.
- Set the allocation of the Storage/Program Memory without the Control Panel.
- Set Volume adjust the volume from minimum (mute) to maximum.
- Display Off turn the display off, but the machine stay on.
- Power off, as the name says, power off the machine.
- Soft Reset restart the machine in case of problems (your data are safe).
 System requirements
- Handheld PC: HPC 2000
- Screen: 640x240
- Processors: StrongARM or MIPS
- Clinton Fitch Review at HPC:Factor
- HandhelpPC review (in German, but there is a translation tool)
- 1.3 (December 28, 2003)
   - The Display Off and Soft Reset functions have been disabled for Nec devices because
      it was not working and create some trouble. The Jornada 7xx devices are not affected
   - Added in the main screen a button to call directly the "Display" function
   - All the references to my old web and email addresses have been changed in the help
1.2 (August 22, 2003)
   - Now if two occurencies of the program are runned, instead of a warning message
     the second occurence is closed and the first is recalled to foreground
   - Added few facilities to run direct Control Panel functions like: Internet Options,
     Owner, Power, Display, System, etc...
   - Some cosmetic changes
1.1 (August 15, 2003)
   - A small bug was preventing the soft reset to be available, now corrected
   - Added ESC possibility to close opened windows and x to exit the program.
1.0 (August 9, 2003)
   - First release of the program
Handheld PC: HPC 2000 - Strongarm MIPS
The file you download is a shareware. If you like it and use it regularly, please register. I'll send you back a personal registration code, valid for all the new versions or updates. Don't forget to send me your name and address. The price is $5.99.
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- Buy it using Paypal: