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 Easter eggs


Easter eggs are little jokes or games that are accessible in an application only if a certain sequence of keys (and/or mouse clicks) is performed.
Here are two that have been discovered for HPC2000 (thanks Philippe Majerus and Robert O'Hara).

Pocket Outlook:
Open the Calendar application, then:
1) Go to the day view for any 6th day of any month. 
2) Control-tap on the "06" in the top left of the screen. 
3) Look at the Active Tasks list (within Calendar, don't open the Tasks application)

4) Then, check off Ido Ben-Shachar, Jeff Blum, Greg Keyser, and David Prokop 
5) Click the "?" button in the toolbar.

After what, I let you discover.

Pocket Excel:
Open Pocket Excel, then:
1) Go to cell AA1000

2) Type credits and press the Enter key

Open Solitaire (under \Program Files\Games), then:
hold down CTRL + Shift and tap on Deal
Now you can win a game in approx 42 Seconds!
Thanks Shane for this one

HPC:Factor (Chris) found one (or three) with ActiveSync. Read more

That' all folks.