This section provides you with HPC related links. For example, pages or sites that do not provides software or are not the author page, but may contain articles, documentation, tips or anything in connection with HPC, etc.
At bottom, I have added a section "Friends" where links are related to friends web sites that are not HPC related.
Please feel free to send me your links and do not hesitate to suggest the section in which the link should appear, the title and a small description.


 Articles and Reviews
Clinton Fitch Reviews Page - Software and Hardware Reviews
FoxPop - Software, hardware reviews and articles
Handheld PC Magazine archives - Handheld PC archives from Thaddeus Computing Inc.
Raul Lucky's - Software, hardware reviews, articles (site down, so read here)
The Handheld PC Newsletter - Software, hardware reviews, articles
Ebay - Direct search for Jornada 720
Ebay - Direct search for Jornada 728
Compuserve's palmtop
Handheld Addict Forum
Handheld Style
HPC:Factor Forum
HP Jornada - PocketPC Magazine

Jornada720 group
Jornada Forum
Mobile Pro Handheld PC
my phone - Support forum for Greek speaking users
NEC Mobile Pro - PocketPC Magazine
Other Windows Powered Handhelds - PocketPC Magazine
PDAStreet H/PC
PDAStreet Jornada
Doctors Gadgets - Lots of medical references, software and ebooks
Skyscape - Lots of medical references software for HPC
Ben Gamblin - Miscellaneous information
Craig Peacock's Windows CE Pages - Miscellaneous information -> HP Jornada 720 Hacking - Miscellaneous information
Handheld Computing Virtual Library - Miscellaneous information and links to articles
Handheld PC - German site with huge hardware list, helpcenter and forum
Handheld PC - HP Jornada 690/720 - PDA -
Miscellaneous information in Spanish - Pocket PC Software portal
HPCNEC - Miscellaneous information about Nec MobilePro 900C
HP Jornada 720 and 728 - Miscellaneous information
HP Technical support - HP Technical and information pages - Hp Jornada handheld pc site - Help and support of the old HP Handheld computer.
Marco Rey y Sander - German web site with information, wallpapers and software
Mike's Page - Sigmarion III information page for English users - Windows CE 4.2 for the SIMpad
MundoPocket - PocketPC web site with HPC content
PC Counselor - Frank J. Garcia web site (author of Tweask2k2)
pdaPortal - directory of PDA-friendly web sites
PocketPCcity - PocketPCcity HPC software list
PocketPCcity - PocketPCcity HPCPro software list
Pocket PC FAQ - A lot of information
PocketPC Magazine - PocketPC web site with HPC content, reviews and articles
Radiofeeds - A slimmed down version of RadioFeeds UK for your PDA
ShadesJ720 - Dedicated to GSM and Wireless Cards
Skweezer - Web optimizer to PDAs and HPC
todopocketpc zona handheld PC - Miscellaneous information in Spanish - Buy and resell Pocket PCs, Handheld PCs, other PDAs and Accessories
Microsoft HandheldPC
Microsoft ActiveSync
Microsoft CE AppDev
Microsoft CE Embedded
Microsoft CE EmbeddedVB
 Sigmarion III
100 software listing - Software by categories (this is a forum, you must be member)
Sigmarion III - Andreas Stürmer site (English/German)
Direct from Japan - Store
 Software - Host ARM cab installers and binaries
HPC Software Repository - Your source for HPC everything software
Microsoft Handheld PC Download - Software like SDKs, PowerToys, etc..
Sion's Jornada 720 - Software by categories
Synchronizing Microsoft Outlook with a PDA - Several links for PDAs
Chris de Herrera's ActiveSync Troubleshooting Guide - Tips and solutions
Alex Wallpapers - Large collection of "hot" (but not hardcore) wallpapers
Awe^ChRiS Home Page - Wallpapers for HPCs and some useful tips
Bo's Clio & WinCe pages - Wallpapers for HPCs
Handheld Underground - 1098 Wallpapers for HPCs - resolution: 640x240
HP Jornada 720 and 728 - Wallpapers for HPCs and some useful tips
Bouquet-Feuillassier - A friend home page
MHM Immobiler - Manuel Morard Real Estate web site