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 HP general accessories

Some HP accessories are not anymore in their catalog, but you can always browse the web with the article number in order to buy them.

Serial adapter
The serial adapter extends the functionality of your hp jornada Handheld pc by allowing you to connect to a WindowsCE-compatible peripheral with a standard serial connector.
Product F1295A
HP site
Docking cradle
The docking cradle connects the hp jornada to your desktop pc via the serial or USB cable.
Product F1822A
HP Site
AC adapter
The AC adapter allows you to work and recharge the battery at the same time.
Product F1279B
HP Site
Standard battery
Product F1281A
HP Site
Extended battery
3 times the capacity of the standard battery.
Product F1840A
HP Site
External charger
This useful device charges the battery in your handheld pc and a spare standard or extended battery at the same time.
Product F1841A
HP Site
Slim leather case
Slim leather case is a simple yet elegant home for your hp jornada handheld pc. The device is held in a zippered clam shell and has pockets for credit cards, pens and a notebook.
Product F1227A
HP Site
Parallel printer cable
Print to any parallel printer from your hp jornada handheld pc.
Product F1274A
HP Site
Stylus pens
Keep this pack of two stylus pens on hand to replace those that are lost or damaged.
Product F1842A
HP Site
Serial cable
Use the serial cable to synchronize and transfer files without a docking cradle.
Product F1258A
External keyboard
Product F1275A
Vga adapter
Product F1252A